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Pets Clothes: Premium Dresses and Outfits for your Puppies, Dogs

Garments for Dogs are something beyond about looking charming (which is a reward), they likewise assume a useful job in your pet’s lives. For example, in chilly climate, hound sweaters keep those without thick hide Warm and Cozy. In the storms, an overcoat and waterproof boots can shield your pet from unforeseen showers. Merry adornments and outfits like bandh occasions and ties help to remember your pet for your festivals so they genuinely feel like they are a piece of the family. Other than hound winter garments, we have a wide scope of different outfits to look over for all breeds. Investigate our Dog Clothing Collection to give your pooches a reviving look. Pets Clothes

This charming Orange Polo Dog T-shirt by Heads up For Tails is designed for comfort. Made with knitted cotton fabric, it is breathable and light to wear. The button opening at the neck makes it easier to slip on and the embroidered patch completes the look.

  • Product type: Polo t-shirt for dogs
  • Breathable, knitted cotton fabric
  • Button opening at the neck
  • With embroidered patch
  • Available in different sizes
  • We always recommend pet parental supervision when your pet is wearing clothes or accessories

Wash Care Instructions: Wash by hand in cold water. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

HUFT Tip: T-shirts help to contain shedding by restricting the spread of shed fur. However, take care not to dress your pet in clothes on warm days or during exercise. Brush your pet every day to further control the effects of shedding.