Dog Bite Rope Toy – Dog Rope Knot Molar Bite-Resistant Toy


  • Name: Black and white blue three-color interactive pull ball
  • Size: About 22cm long, about 7cm in diameter
  • Material: Cotton rope
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  • It is suitable for the bite ropes of the older dogs. It is strong and bite-resistant. It can send the dogs a boring time at home, so that the dog will not feel boring at home.
  • The safe and environmentally friendly cotton rope is woven into a round skein ball with a large handle on it, which is convenient for the owner to interact with the dogs and to enhance the feelings.
  • Tightly woven with cotton rope, strong and bite-resistant, dogs can play for a long time, safe and environmentally friendly, so that dogs can be assured of playing.
  • Black and white and blue, it looks very beautiful.
  • It can be hung in the dog’s neck to make the owner play with the pet.

Applicable pet category: Dog
Name: black and white blue three-color interactive pull ball
Size: about 22cm long, about 7cm in diameter
Material: cotton rope
Dogs with toys are smarter
1. Grinding teeth is a dog’s nature. Toys can help pets grind their teeth, strengthen and clean their teeth.
2. Toys help the dog’s intellectual development, making the dog more lively and lovely.
3. Interact with the dog to make the dog more interested in the toy and to cultivate the emotions of the owner and the dog.
4. Toys can reduce the destructive behavior of dogs, protect home shoes, socks, sheets, sofas are not afraid of being destroyed by dogs!

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